Donating my hair, Clipper 17/18 finish and more!

About 3 weeks ago I had a spur of the moment decision just to cut off all my hair, so I did! I kept having a dream where I would be on a Clipper yacht with all my hair flying about and it would get caught up in all the rope. To be honest I don’t think this would happen, but I don’t fancy being a flag half way up the mast. Anyway, I made this verdict but also realised that my hair was long enough to donate to the Little Princess Trust. This charity makes wigs for under 25’s who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments and other illnesses. Isn’t it mad to think that someone I walk past in the street could have a

IMG_20180714_210922_591IMG_20180714_210922_587wig on made from my hair!

On the left or right (who knows, I can never get the pictures in the right place) you can see the transformation from long hair Sophie to very short hair Sophie and the hair I donated.

After just 12 hours from coming home from spending a week in Wales (my sister is working with the RNLI there for the summer) me and my mum headed up to Liverpool

on Friday for the Clipper 2017/18 race finish. Most of the hotels were fully booked but we ended up in a hotel called 46 above a bar which surprisingly turned out to be quite nice. On Saturday morning we had a boat trip booked to watch the Clipper 70’s come into


Liverpool docks. But of course, it was late, so we watched them arrive waiting in a queue. When we got on the boat it absolutely tipped it down, but we had an amazing view of the yachts as they paraded in the harbour even getting just a few meters away. It was beautiful to see how emotional the family members and friends were watching their loved ones come home after s


ome had been away for 11 months. I still can’t believe I will be sailing one of those yachts in just 1 year and I don’t think the weather in Liverpool will compare at all to some of the legs such as the Southern Ocean.

That evening I was invited to a party at the Revolution bar in the Albert docks for members of the 2019/20 crew. Since I am only 16, I can’t say I have ever experienced a bar/club after 9.00pm but it was a great

20180729_121701.jpgexperience and I met loads of other people on the race, including some round-the-worlders like me. The next morning, we also got the chance to go aboard one of the yachts that just docked; it was surprising how basic and small they are for a crew of 20.


In just 4 days (I’m writing this on Monday) I will start my training aboard one of the old Clipper 68’s. I am so excited for this experience and even met some people doing training the same week as me when I was in Liverpool. In preparation for this I am starting a YouTube channel where I will be posting videos very soon! You can find a link on this website in the near future.


Still no luck on the sponsorship ☹, any ideas comment on the ‘contact me’ section.



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