Scoliosis Awarness day

For a few months I have been wanting to raise awareness for scoliosis as it has affected my life so much. If you don’t know, I underwent scoliosis surgery in 2016 to correct a 60-degree curve in my spine. I now know that if it was caught earlier I may have not had to undergo the surgery that had a massive impact on my life. Also, when I was diagnosed I had never heard of the condition and was extremely scared for the future. To prevent anyone from feeling this way and hopefully be diagnosed early I am trying to raise awareness of the symptoms and assure people that the future is bright. I also hope by sailing around the world I can inspire any scoliosis suffers that anything is possible even with the condition.

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Last Thursday (28/06/18) we held a scoliosis awareness day at school (Southam College) to teach students about the condition, its symptoms and how to cope with it. This included a quiz that all students took part in during morning tutor and I ran a stall at lunch and break. Loads of students were very interested but many of them had never heard of the condition that affects around 3% of the population. In the following weeks we are sending a letter out to parents on how to diagnose Scoliosis. I am also hoping to run assemblies to share my story and inspire others.


IMG_6920 (1)20180628_092015 (1)

Many thanks to Mr Samra (head teacher), Mrs Bradburn and Mr Bradbury for helping me to organise this awarness day.


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