My Scoliosis Story

At the age of 13 (February 2015) I was diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis following worsening back pain. I was immediately sent for a full spinal X-ray which confirmed that I had a right thoracic curvature of 53°. From this point my pain worsened significantly and I was put on a variety of strong medications including Oromorph, Tramadol and Gabapentin. I missed a lot school and stopped all my sporting activities which included trampolining for which competed at a regional level. The medication meant I was very drowsy and I remember very little during this period.

A year later after attending pain clinics, visiting many specialists, undergoing more x-rays and an MRI scan, I was finally sent a letter for my pre-op assessment. At this point my curvature had increased to 6X-rays0° and I was in an increasing amount of pain. On the 24th of February 2016 I had T4-L2 posterior correction scoliosis surgery with bone graft at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, this meant that a large metal rod was inserted down the majority of my spine, as you can see from the X-rays to the left.

Even after my surgery, the next year was tough as I was going through my GCSE’s and was still on very high doses of medication. However, this didn’t stop me from getting exceptional grades in my exams and returning to trampolining after being giving the all clear from my doctor.

I am now a 6th form student looking to study medicine in the future, to help others like me lead a normal and exciting life. I have also just returned to competing in trampolining.

SAUK logoSAUK (Scoliosis Association UK) has helped me massively through this incredibly difficult period of time by giving me a massive support network of people to talk to and BSRF logoreassuring stories to read. They didn’t just help me but also my parents and sister as this was also a very stressful and challenging time for them. On the race I hope to spread awareness of the challenge thousands of teenagers are going through every year. I also want to help SAUK to keep helping many families around the country this is why all funds I receive above my berth and training fees will go directly to the charity and BSRF which funds research into scoliosis. I hope my influence can have an impact on many peoples lives with the condition around the UK.

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