My Adventure


In 2019/20 I will become the youngest woman to ever circumnavigate the world on the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This will be a huge mental and physical challenge as I cover over 40,000 nautical miles, 6 oceans and stop at 6 continents. On a 70-foot yacht with 19 other people at a time we will be racing against 11 other identical yachts on each of the 8 legs. We all begin as novice sailors and will learn how to navigate some of the roughest seas in the world, live in confined spaces and work as a dynamic team. The race which has been running biannually for 11 editions has a massive media coverage and is recognised world wide as the only global yacht race for amateur sailors.

As this is a great opportunity to spread awareness I will be representing SAUK (Scoliosis Association UK). At the age of 14 I had scoliosis corrective surgery (a major spinal operation) after being diagnosed with the condition a year earlier. SAUK heSAUK logolped me through this time massively and I want to help anyone who is in the same position I was just a few years ago. This is why I have decided that all funds I receive above my berth and See the source imagetraining fees will go straight towards the amazing charity as well as BSRF which provides research into scoliosis.

I heard about the Clipper race from my good friend Tim who is also doing the full circumnavigation. Last summer we went on a 3-day yachting expedition around the South coast of England with 18 other Explorer Scouts. Arms up, sunsetThis was one of the best experiences I have ever had and reignited my love of sailing from when I used to dinghy sail.

On this website/blog you can follow my journey as I go through 4 levels of training then 11 months at sea. I am also looking for business sponsors, large or small, to help me fund the race in return for worldwide sponsorship.



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